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Mastery Connect Release Notes (2024-04-12)

Mastery Connect Release Notes (2024-04-12)

In this Mastery Connect release (April 12), additional item types are available for printing.


 Updated Feature


Printable Item Type Updates

Additional item types are available for printing. To ensure a smooth experience for printed assessments, some newly-printable item types include visual updates. All assessments are printable.




The following item types are printable with an unchanged display in the interface: Match List, Choice Matrix, Image Association, Label Image with Drag and Drop, and Sort List.




The following item types are printable and display visual modifications that make them easily readable when they are printed: Classification, Cloze Association, Cloze Dropdown, Cloze Math Formula, Cloze Text, and Order List.




If an assessment contains items unsupported for printing, the item(s) will be replaced with placeholder text, and the user can print the rest of the assessment.


Change Log


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