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Include student assignment submission feedback views in Analytics Beta

It would be nice to be able to open Analytics and see at a glance which students actually viewed an instructors assignment submission feedback and which ones did not.  That can help instructors (a) pinpoint the students who need help and (b) dedicate their limited time toward the students who need it or benefit from it most.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Outstanding idea  @JACOBSEN_C ‌! It makes even more sense when we reflect that it takes a click for students to view comments and rubric details. Of course there is one trick -- students who use notifications to have feedback comments emailed to them might show up as "not interested," when they are probably much more likely to be interested in what we have to say to them. Since notifications can include the score for assessment items then relying on counting visits to the Grades page is just as fraught.

There's a saying that half of all money spent on advertising is wasted, but it's impossible to know which half. I wonder if something similar applies to thoughtful feedback on student submissions. :smileyconfused:

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Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

Thanks for your feedback,  @JACOBSEN_C  and  @GregoryBeyrer ! I'll review with our product team.

Best, KH