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I have an exam formatted as a New Quiz. I want to be able to shuffle all but 7 of the questions. I am trying to create a group where I would put those 7 questions in a set order. I want to then attach that 7-item group to the end of the exam (after all shuffled questions). This is easy in Desire2Learn's system, but not Canvas. I have not been able to locate help online so please help.

If creating Groups (of questions that are NOT from test banks) is not possible, PLEASE add that to the Canvas system.

Thank you, PMH@CSULB

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Nick ( @nwilson7 ), I don't use New Quizzes, but what you're describing sounds like Classic Quizzes. I went in and played a few minutes on a New Quiz and it looks like Item Banks in New Quizzes are the closest things to Question Groups in Classic Quizzes. I would love to be completely wrong here, but it sounds like you would need to create an item bank if you want the grouped randomization feature (you can shuffle all questions without using item banks).

@PMH, Item Banks do not have to be from a publisher; you can add your own questions to an Item Bank. You could create an item bank with all but the last seven questions on it and then add the last seven questions directly as was described for Classic Quizzes.

All of that said, I feel your frustration. New Quizzes isn't ready for me, yet.

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Hi @PMH,

@James is right, unfortunately, question groups are not available in new quizzes, only on classic quizzes. 

You would need to create the questions in an item bank and add the bank to the quiz, and then add the additional 7 questions right after the item bank.


You are welcome to share an idea with our community. 

How do I create a new idea conversation in the Instructure Community? 


I hope you will have a great day.

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Me again (having a lovely conversation with myself). I think I have figured out a solution to this issue of not being able to group questions in New Quizzes. This is what I would call a "workaround", but I tested it, and it does work.

You can use the Stimulus Question format to group a set of questions together.

  1. Use the stimulus text box to write in your header for the group (e.g., just type in "Part 1, etc.).
  2. Set the "stimulus" to appear above the associated questions.
  3. Create your set of questions for the group within that stimulus set. (It may feel a bit awkward to create them in the smaller space allowed, but it won't appear that way to students.)
  4. Repeat for each question group.

Pretty simple, actually. This solution may already be a known thing (I can't be the first person to figure this out), but I couldn't find anything about it on the site, so I'm posting it here in case it might help someone else who comes across this string.


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