New Quizzes Feature Questions: Adding Files, Student View, Extensions, Points, & Auto-Submitting.

Community Contributor

Hi Canvas Commuinity,

I wanted to bring up these features I noticed were missing from the New Quizzes. Could you let me know if I am just crazy and it is possible, or if they are features that should be considered implemented into the new program:

1. How do/Can you add a file to the instructions? 

I know this cannot be done at the question level, but the instruction level? No option to insert a file like with the Rich Content Editor features is visible.

2. Why does Student View (Test Student) on a quiz show not time limit when it is set?

I set a time limit on a quiz and went into "Student View" and my student view showed that there was no time limit set to the quiz when I clearly put in one (15 minutes).

3. Can teachers add time extension to quiz already started?

When I tested this, the student user who already started the quiz did not have extra time added when teacher added it in "Moderate". This feature worked in Legacy quizzes.

4. Points on the quiz (assignment) settings are different from the points and actual questions displayed in the quiz. Is there a way for this to sync or do teachers need to do it by hand?

Example: 6 questions in a quiz set at 1 point each, but on the Assignments section, it lists -/10pts since that is what I set when I first created it. Even in SpeedGrader it shows the teacher "out of 6 points". I understand it's equalizing the score, but syncing it would save some headache with going back and forth to two areas.

5. Does a quiz auto-submit when the until date passes?

I saw that it does for time limit, which students can still finish a quiz with the alloted time limit regardless of the until date as long as they do not leave it, but once they leave it they cannot get back into the quiz. If the quiz is timed for UNLIMITED and they leave the quiz without submitting, the "Moderate" page shows "In progress" with no option to submit the student's work. So how else is a quiz auto-submitted without a time limit?