New Quizzes not saving settings

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I create a quiz in "New Quizzes."

In the options, I assign a points value (like, 50 pts.) and un-check the boxes that say that the quiz should NOT count towards the student's final grade and should NOT be displayed in the Grade Book.  I save these options.

However, I noticed that New Quizzes is NOT saving these options.  For example, if I go into "Build" and build the quiz with questions and, then, come out of that . . . the options I chose have been changed: It shows 0 pts. for the quiz and the boxes to not have it count towards the Final Grade or be shown in the Grade Book are both checked.  It also somtimes changes where I want the quiz categorized, like under "Assignments" (or, whatever).

So, I change the options back to what I want: giving a points value, un-checking the boxes.  I save the settings and exit.

And, New Quizzes will STILL screw these settings up, changing them back to 0 pts. and re-checking the boxes.

Anybody else having this (frustrating) problem?