New Quizzes with both Fill-in-the-Blank and Formula

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Is it possible to create a New Quiz question that allows me to generate random values and have multiple fill-in-the-blanks? If not, is there a place or who I can email where I can put in a request for this feature, like a suggestion box? Thanks in advance.


For example:

Multiply:  (`a`x + `b`) (`c`x + `d`)


[fill in blank 1] x^2 + [fill in blank 2] x + [fill in blank 3]

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Hi Tyler, 

Unfortunately there is no built-in option for a randomized selection of numbers. At the moment the closest option is to use Item banks to pull a random selection of questions, and have that item bank filled with a pool of questions like those examples. You can see an overview of how that suggestion process works via this guide, and can see how to create an Idea via this guide.


Edit: Apologies for the edit and incorrect information earlier; it does appear you should be able to setup a formula question where you can specify a range for those variables, such as denoted earlier by you, with regards to "x" being anything between 1 - 100, or whichever range you specify for that variable, and can continue on with the other variable types. You can see more information in this guide on the formula question

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