Sharing item banks

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I don't completely understand where item banks for New Quizzes are stored, so I'm wondering something. If I have my own, personal "sandbox" course and copy the course, the item banks attached to the quizzes in that course don't automatically copy or share, do they? They just draw from the original banks in my account, right? My main question then is whether or not I should share my item banks with my new course. Here are my thoughts:

  1. I know that even if I don't share the banks with the new course, I can access the banks from the new course by choosing "All Banks" in the dropdown menu since they're my banks, right? So is sharing pointless unless I may ever want to share with another user? (point against sharing)
  2. If I do share the banks, will that cause unnecessary clutter and duplication in my account? I'm thinking no. (neutral re: sharing)
  3. On the other hand, will sharing the banks mean I have a backup if something happens to the original course? (if yes, point in favor of sharing) 
  4. I can probably export the banks to a hard drive, right? If so, sharing is probably pointless for my purposes. (point against sharing)
  5. However, I think that, either way, if the original course gets deleted or corrupted, I'll lose all the banks, right? Again, this seems like sharing is pointless for my purposes. (point against sharing)

So, within my own personal courses that I don't foresee ever sharing with anyone, to share or not to share? Any advice, recommendations, and explanations are appreciated!

P.S. As I was working yesterday on a copied old quiz converted to a New Quiz that draws from multiple banks, I shared some of the banks to the copied course but then thought maybe I shouldn't. Should I go back and (A) share all the banks used or (B) unshare the ones I shared? Unsharing won't affect the quiz since all the banks are in my account, right?