Updating Item Banks When already using in a New Quiz

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Hi all, 

My college is just beginning to use New Quizzes.  I'm setting up Item Banks and, after doing some testing, I hope someone can verify how a few things work. 

I have a four Item Banks used in the same New Quiz.  The quiz is designed to pull random questions from each of the four Item Banks.  If I then edit questions in the Item Bank, what will be updated in the New Quiz?

From my testing, here is my experience. 

As long as no student has answered the question, I can:

  • edit the question and it will be updated in the quiz.  If students have answered a questions, i will be prompted to create a copy for other students. 
  • remove questions from Item Banks and students will not be shown that question. 

If I am correct, this is a change from how Old Quizzes worked with Test Banks.  As once questions were pulled from a Test Bank, they were added to the quiz.  You could change a question on the quiz and it would not be reflected in the Test Bank, and vice versa.  


Are there any other issues I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance. 

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Let's imagine that there are 3 students who are going to take your assessment. 

Student one (9 am) takes the assessment and lets you know that you misspelled Phthiria relativitae. You enter the item bank, click on the pencil for the question, click on make copy, make the change, save. There is still the one question in the bank for the topic; the corrected version is now available. 

Student two (10 am) takes the assessment and they will receive the corrected version of the quiz question. However, they notice that you didn't spell Anableps anableps properly. You enter the item bank, click on the question, make a copy and edit then save. 

Student three (11 am) will now receive the corrected versions of the questions. The old, incorrect versions of the questions will never be shown again. 



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