How do I connect my cloud hosted PowerSchool instance with the Kimono SIF Platform?

Currently, the Canvas PowerSchool integration uses a SIF API to pass provisioning data from PowerSchool to Canvas and assignment and assignment score data from Canvas to PowerSchool. The SIF API, developed by Access 4 Learning (A4L), translates the unique learning and educational tool object and event agents into a common coding language that allows for the transfer of data between tools. Instructure supports SIF version 2 through our partnership with Kimono. Learn more about SIF and view an introduction to SIF video.

Kimono SIF Benefits

Kimono is a standards-based SIS platform that uses open education data standards (like SIF, OneRoster, CSV, etc.). The following benefits are associated with using the SIF API through the Kimono SIS platform:

  • Integration into existing SIF or state reporting frameworks
  • Access certain fields ("extended attributes") not normally available for use in an API integration

Note: In order to implement the Canvas PowerTeacher Pro integration, proprietary APIs dictate that you move to the new SIS Platform and use SIF for provisioning.

Identify Server Host

You must know where your PowerSchool server is hosted before connecting your PowerSchool instance to the Kimono platform.

If your PowerSchool URL ends with, then your instance is cloud hosted by PowerSchool. Otherwise, your powerschool instance is locally hosted either by your institution, your region, or your state.

View information about connecting your PowerSchool-hosted instance with the Kimono SIF Platform.

Necessary ZIS Information

To connect to the PowerSchool SIF Agent in Kimono, you need your ZIS connection information, including yoru ZIS URL and Zone ID. If you do not have your ZIS connection information, contact your Canvas Customer Success Manager (CSM) or Implementation Consultant (IC).  

Request PowerSchool SIF Agent Setup

Open a ticket with PowerSchool Hosting Support. Request that they setup your SIF agent and connect it to Kimono.

Include the below information in your request. Review this information very carefully—if your mode or method are not correct, the connection will not work properly.

  • ZIS URL (from Step 1)
  • Zone ID (from Step 1)
  • Mode:Pull(SIF Agent Console/Agent Settings/Registration/Messaging Mode). If the Mode is set to Push, the connection will fail.
  • Method:HTTP(SIF Agent Console/Agent Settings/Protocol)
    • If this is your only ZIS connection, select the HTTP. The https:// in your ZIS URL will still connect your agent to the ZIS using HTTPS.
    • If you must use the HTTPS method, add the Kimono certificate to your Java trusted certificates to avoid returning connection errors when you attempt to connect. The necessary SSL certificate is the same certificate used to secure Kimono's website.
  • The SIF mappings document that specifies necessary changes to be applied to your SIF agent config.


Also include the following guidance in your request. You may encounter connection and data flow issues if these settings are not properly reviewed and set by PowerSchool in the SIF Agent console.

  • School Year (SIF Agent Console/Agent Settings/Default Zone Settings/School Year): verify that the displayed school year reflects the appropriate school year.
  • Plug-ins (SIF Agent Console/Agent Settings/Plugins/): PowerSchool must disable State Messaging Plugins for your SIF Agent specifically for the Canvas connections. If you are using SMP for state reporting, please work with PowerSchool to properly disable the Canvas connection only.
  • Zone Status (SIF Agent Console/Zone Settings/Zone/General/): verify that zone displays as "ready".
  • Schools (SIF Agent Console/Zone Settings/Zone/District): verify that any school that should not be included in the Canvas data sync are deselected.

Test SIF Connection with Canvas

Once you receive confirmation from PowerSchool that your SIF agent is ready, reach out to your Canvas IC or CSM to request a connection test.

SIF Agent Troubleshooting

Q: I'm being told that the mappings I added to the agent.cfg are not coming over properly when a sync runs in the Kimono SIS Platform - what can I do?

A: Try restarting your SIF Agent. In addition, verify that mappings remain in the agent.cfg file after the agent is restarted.

Q: Data from previous school years is coming over from PowerSchool to Canvas and I don't want it to.

A: Navigate to SIF Agent Console/Agent Settings/Default Zone Settings/School Year and verify that appropriate school year is provided. Additional settings for certain data objects allow you to select "future" or "current". Please talk to PowerSchool for more information.

Q: I am seeing data from schools I do not want shared with Canvas OR students from past years. How do I limit our sync to only schools I want to include?

A: This setting is on the PowerSchool SIF Agent. Work with PowerSchool or select/deselect these schools yourself at SIF Agent Console/ZoneSettings/Zone/District.

Q: I'm being told to disable SMP for Canvas. What do I do?

A: Work with PowerSchool or navigate to the SIF Agent Console/Agent Settings/Plugins/ to disable SMP. If you are using SIF for state reporting, please work with PowerSchool to get this properly disabled for just Canvas.