How do I install the Universal Roster plugin from PowerSchool?

The Universal Rostering (UR) plugin comes pre-packaged with PowerSchool v21.4.4.0 and above. If you do not have v21.4.4.0 or above, install the UR plugin following the steps outlined in this document. Then, you will need to install the Instructure OneRoster plugin.

If you have v21.4.4.0 or above, you do not need to install the UR plugin; you only need to install the Instructure OneRoster plugin.

Log In to PowerSchool

Log In to PowerSchool

In the PowerSchool Admin portal, enter your login credentials [1] and click the Sign In button [2].

Open System Setup

Open System Setup

In the Main Navigation Setup menu, click the System link.

Open Server System Settings

Opne Server System Settings

In the Server menu, click the System Settings link.

Open Plugin Management Configuration

On the System Settings page, click the Plugin Management Configuration link.

Install Plugins


On the Plugin Management Dashboard, click the Install button.

Browse to Locate Plugin

Browse to Plugin

Click the Browse link.

Install Universal Rostering Plugin

Install Universal Rostering Plugin

In the Browse Plugins window, locate the Universal Rostering plugin, and click the Install button.

Enable Plugin

Open Enable Plugin

Find Universal Rostering on your Plugin list, and click the Enable/Disable checkbox.

Enable Plugin

Click the Enable button.

Next, install the Instructure OneRoster plugin.