How do I view my course grade sync history for Canvas PowerSchool grade passback as an instructor?

As an instructor, you can view grade sync history from the Grade Sync page in your course. In the Grade Sync page you can view a list of the most recent grade syncs from your Canvas course to your SIS gradebook, including syncs you request and scheduled syncs your institution may run. Successful syncs display for seven days while syncs with errors and failed syncs display for fourteen days.

Open Grade Sync

Open Grade Sync

In Course Navigation, click the Grade Sync link.

View Grade Sync History

By default, the Grade Sync page displays the History tab [1].

To refresh the page to view in-progress or recently completed syncs, click the Refresh button [2].

Your recent grade syncs from Canvas to your SIS display in the Grade Sync History list [3]. The list displays up to the ten most recent syncs. To view additional syncs, use the page navigation icons [4].

View Sync List

You can view the following information for each sync:

  • Type [1]: the sync type and the course ID.
  • Time Started [2]: the date and time when the sync started. The displayed time follows the account's specified time zone setting.
  • Time Updated [3]: the date and time when the sync completed. The displayed time follows the account's specified time zone setting.
  • Posted By [4]: the name of the user who initiated the sync. Scheduled syncs are posted by your institution's Canvas Integrations Admin, and manual syncs display your name or the name of the admin who requested the sync.
  • Stage [5]: for syncs that are in-process, the sync's current process step. Process steps include Get Assignments and Post Assignments.
  • SIS Assignments [6]: the number of assignments sent to and created in the SIS gradebook and the percent of assignments successfully created in the SIS gradebook.
  • SIS Grades [7]: the number of grades sent to and crated in the SIS gradebook and the percent of grades successfully added in the SIS gradebook.
  • Status [8]: the grade sync status. A status may be listed as Completed, Completed (with errors), Failed, and Running.
  • Assignments [9]: the number of Canvas assignments included in the grade sync.

Note: If your Canvas course includes sections that are also reflected in your SIS gradebook, then grade passback creates a new assignment for each course section in your SIS. As a result, when you sync grades from Canvas to your SIS, the number of created SIS assignments in the SIS Assignments column may differ from the number of assignments synced from Canvas in the Assignments column.

Open Status Logs

When all or a portion of a grade sync failed, or when the Canvas gradebook had no updates to sync, you can view more information about the errors.

Locate the sync in the Grade Sync list [1]. In the Status column, click the Status Log link [2].

View Status Logs

View Status Logs

View the errors that occurred during the sync [1]. For more information about how to resolve grade sync errors, view your SIS Error Code Dictionary.

You can also view the error list, which displays the following information:

  • Stage [2]: the sync process step during which the error occurred.
  • Info [3]: the number of informational notifications associated with the sync.
  • Warning [4]: the number of warning notifications associated with the sync.
  • Error [5]: the number of errors associated with the sync item.

To download the sync logs as a CSV file, locate an error in the list and click the Download Logs button [6].

To close the Logs window, click the X icon [7] or the Close button [8].

View Action Logs

View Action Logs

View the downloaded logs file.  

Action logs include the assignment ID [1], assignment name [2], error message [3], section ID [4], and section name [5].

Open Synced Assignments List

To view the list of assignments included in a grade sync, locate the sync in the list [1]. In the Assignments column, click the Synced Assignments link [2].

View Synced Assignments

View Synced Assignments

By default, the Assignments window displays a list of all assignments set up for SIS sync. However, you can filter the list to display assignments synced to a selected section. To view assignments by section, click the Filter by section drop-down menu [1].

The Assignments list displays the following information:

  • Assignment Name [2]: the name of the Canvas course assignment.
  • Due Date [3]: the due date for the assignment in Canvas.
  • Last Sync [4]: the date and time of an assignment's most recent sync from Canvas to your SIS. The displayed time follows the account's specified time zone settings.

Assignments included in the sync display a Selected checkbox [5]. Assignments not included in the sync display an Unselected checkbox [6].

To sort the assignments list to display assignments by due date, click the Sort icon [7]. Assignments can be sorted by most or least recent due date.

To close the Assignments window, click the icon [8] or the Close button [9].