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Edited grades not syncing to SIS

We use Skyward as our SIS, and have had a lot of issues this fall since the upgrade this summer with grade passback. Some have been figured out, but new ones keep cropping up. Here is our latest.

A teacher syncs grades to Skyward. For one of many reasons, they change a few students' grades in Speedgrader. The new scores show there. The teacher goes to resync the grade. In the past, this would overwrite the scores in Skyward and put the new score in. Now, nothing will override the initial score, which is causing some major issues for teachers and for kids' and parents' anxiety. (For example, something is synced on accident before a question is hand-graded, resulting in a low score that the teacher thought was overridden on the resync. Cue the panicked emails and phone calls!)

Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a way to make it sync the most recent grades?

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This happened to me also. I would edit a grade in the canvas gradebook, sync and it would not show up in the SIS (Synergy for me). 

Here is what I figured out, you have to change the status of the grade in the Canvas gradebook. 

1. Enter the new grade in the Canvas gradebook. 

2. With your cursor still clicked in the cell where you entered the grade, click the arrow in the box just to the right of the total points. 

3. A pop out window will appear on the right hand side of the screen with the student's name and score for that assignment. There will also be a Status list in a multiple choice format, none, late, missing or excused. Select a different status than is currently selected. Do not select excused unless you want to exempt the student's score from their SIS grade. (You will know that the status of the assignment has changed because the background color of the cell where you entered the grade will automatically change color to the corresponding status that you chose)

4. Sync again, the grade should show up in the SIS. 

For example, If a student did not turn in an assignment on Canvas and the background of the cell is red, indicating missing and you enter a score, but do not change the status of the assignment, it did not sync to the SIS for me. Once I changed the score for someone from a 0/10 to a 10/10 for example and synced the assignment, it still didn't show. I had to additionally change the status so that the background of the cell (indicating the status of the assignment) was not red. 

This worked for me. I hope it works for you.