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Missing Assignments Indicator

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Can marking assignments missing being disabled? I have assignments that some students submit to, but mostly I manually enter the grade. I'm noticing that for students whose grade was manually added without a submission from them it is marked missing. #missing

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Hi, Suzanne,

The New Gradebook is managed as a feature option enabled on a course-by-course basis. For your course, open Course Settings and click the Feature Options tab. If it's enabled, you'll see the New Gradebook feature option; toggle the button so it is turned off (gray X instead of the green check mark).

Hope that helps!



erinhallmark do you happen to know if the missing / late labels will be removed from the Canvas Parent mobile app as well?


Hi, Joe,

The mobile team does not quite have that change ready to go but they are working on it!



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My students’ work is marked missing even when I set the assignment type to “on paper”. This is really confusing for students.

Highlighted are you on the new gradebook or the old gradebook?  It shouldn't do that either way, but I'm just curious.   We have opted to not roll out the new gradebook because you can't export grades for one grading period which is a deal breaker.  That said, I thought all the missing assignment tag stuff was resolved.  


I am using the old gradebook.


Hello Joe,

In my view, the missing assignments indicator stuff is only sort of resolved because, in many cases, the manual management of these in the New Gradebook will be both confusing for students and time consuming for instructors. You may be interested in visiting 


Hi Joe,

We are also using the old/original gradebook and are suffering because of "false Missings" being posted to the parent app. Did you ever get this resolved?

FWIW, I also work in K12 and share your concerns. This is a very serious issue! I'm extemely disappointed that Instructure has still not addressed this. (We were dealing with this last year also.) The picture below shows the latest Canvas Parent apps (Android left, iOS right) and the Canvas Student app in the middle. The assignment Submission Type is "No Submission" and has been graded.

This is an obvious bug in the iOS Parent app. Why is it not being addressed???



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