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SOLVED: New Quizzes Not Showing Up In Gradebook


I made a "New Quizzes" with Canvas. I like all the new features but for some reason the grades are not in the gradebook. I cannot find them for the life of me. The only way that I can get the grades is to go into the new quiz and click "Moderate" to see the grades. You can see in the screen shots below that I simply do not have "Q03 - Part 1 (Canvas)". It is just missing.

Plus, in order to view the speedgrader I have to manually type the URL for the speedgrader in. Is there something I am doing wrong? This quiz is not a survey and is worth points in the settings.

Screenshot 2020-10-06 115836.pngScreenshot 2020-10-06 115858.png

EDIT: I have solved this problem. The issue was that there wasn't a due date on the assignment. I hope that this helps someone down the road if they have the same problem that I did.

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Hi @tmenghini - brilliant to figure it out yourself.  I am looking for documentation about needing a due date.  Can you share where you found that information?  Thanks!


By guessing and checking...


Too funny! That's often the best way. I believe your solution is known by Canvas support.