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Campus Management/CampusNexus

Hello Canvas users!  We are in the process of moving to a new SIS, CampusNexus Student (by Campus Management) and are looking for fellow users to connect with. We have some specific questions about Grade Passback, but would love to connect more generally as well.  Thanks in advance!

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Community Coach

Hi  @jenny_hopf ...

We are also in the middle of moving to CampusNexus.  I'm an admin for our Canvas environment, and while I don't know all the details about the CampusNexus implementation, I have shared your question with someone from our IT department, rleigh, who may be able to chime in.  Good luck!

Thank you so much,  @chofer ! Sounds like you and I are in a similar position, being a Canvas Admin but not knowing all of the details about the implementation Smiley Happy  The LMS piece is less of a priority at the moment, with the SIS data being #1 priority. rleigh - would love to learn more about your experience, and bring in our IT Director  @jeff_choo  if you have some time?

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Hi, we are also in the process of moving to Campus Nexus.  We just moved to Canvas and are concerned about final grade passback/sync.  We haven't gotten details from Campus Nexus, yet.

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I've been using CampusVue/Nexus for years as well as being a Canvas Admin and haven't found any integration between the two systems. From what I know there are two ways to accomplish final grade passback/sync between the two systems. Both of which require custom code to be written.

  1. #grade export‌ report - You would want to use this report if you have a standard grade scale or your grade scales are setup within CampusNexus, that you can translate the score into a letter grade to post or if you're posting the actual numeric score into CV.
  2. Custom Gradebook Column - You would want to use this if you want to allow the instructor some flexibility to give the student a letter grade they think they deserve (ex. student has 89.2 and the instructor wants to round that up to an "A"). This also allows for instructors to give student "I" (incomplete) in a course that can then be passed back into CampusNexus as well. 

Hope this helps.

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How did everyone's switch to Campus Nexus go?  We are in the process of switching to Campus Nexus, did you all get GradePass back to work?

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Hi Allison,

As far as I know Campus Nexus still doesn't have grade pass back capabilities built in. We wrote custom code to pull grades out of a Custom Gradebook column back into CampusNexus. 

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Would anyone be willing to help us connect Anthology (Campus Nexus) to Canvas LMS for attendance and grade passback. Even writing custom code for us. We would like to find someone that could help and are willing to pay for the process.