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Increase efficiently when pulling grades from canvas

Within canvas, there should be a tool or setting where admin can pull all sections of one course together then allow for admin to sort the classes by instructors or students. This will enable us to pull grades much quicker when there are a ton of different course sections. 

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Hi Blake,

When you say pull grades, are you talking about the students over all grade percentage or all grades for each assignment in the course?

If you're talking about over all grade percentage I would suggest looking at the #grade export‌. This allows you to select the term for which you'd like to pull grades for and pulls all courses and students in those courses onto one report.  If you're looking or individual grades you can use the #student submission‌ report and again be able to pull by term and have all students and courses on one report. Note this report only shows the points possible and points received. It does not take into account if the #weighted grades‌. 

Hope this helps.