Missing Grade Schema -- Please Create Grade Schema in WebCampus

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I am trying to upload my final grades to my schools website but I am getting an error and it telling me that I am Missing Grade Schema -- Please Create Grade Schema  in WebCampus. 


I have searched everywhere on here to see how I can do this and I am not finding anything. if I am I am not understanding. please help. 


thank you and have a wonderful day. 



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Community Coach

Hi @AlejandraRubio and welcome!

You are posting a question to the Canvas Global Community which is a very specific local configuration question that users outside your organisation won't have the necessary insights to resolve.

You need to take back to your local IT support, technologist or admin team, please. It sounds as though either the instructions, workflow or configuration need to be reviewed, and they are in the best position to support you.

Good luck !

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