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I know recently there have been questions as to whether this functionality would even continue to exist. It seems to me like we at have that figured out at least. However, I am still struggling to get teachers at my school to buy in because of some of the functionality issues.

  1. Important status icons are not passed back (Missing)

This is probably our biggest headache. Parents use PowerSchool. PowerSchool is our official record. So, if teachers try to use Canvas to passback grades, parents and students do not get that clear information in PowerSchool about what is missing. Are others experiencing this same problem? Is this not something that seems like it should be an easy fix?? Canvas is capable of passing back the late flag, why not the missing flag?

2. Comments are not being passed back

I seem to recall a time (maybe 3-5 years ago), when assignments that were passed back to PowerSchool included a link in the "Comments" box on PowerSchool. We were probably using legacy PowerTeacher gradebook at the time. But each student could click on the link when they were looking at their grades on PowerSchool, and it would take them to the corresponding assignment on Canvas to review any feedback. Am I dreaming this? Or does anyone else remember this functionality?

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