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Streamlining Canvas-IC Grade Sync

Setting up and maintaining grade sync is super cumbersome.  Currently, teachers have to set up their entire gradebook with grade scales and categories in IC (after having done the same thing in Canvas).  Then each time a new assignment is created in Canvas, it needs to be categorized in IC.  We would like to allow teachers to just send their grade totals to IC, since all of the supporting details for the grades are available in Canvas.  Does anyone have a workable solution that cuts down on the steps to make this work?  infinite campus syncing grades 

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We are struggling with exactly the same issue.

Getting the two grading systems to calculate the same grade was next to impossible, because of differently weighted assignments and categories. We also founf the need for the teacher to manage assignments in both systems to be silly.

Kimono is supposed to allow for term level scores via the One Roster Passback.

I haven't been able to get an answer from anyone as to how to enable this. Infinite Campus answered by stating that the only preferred partner that they allow final grade pass back with is Schoology.

We have turned off the grade pass back for now and written a sql program that imports the current grade from canvas. 

This script updates the in progress grade each night with the current % score in canvas.

To make this work we had to remove grade book access in infinite campus, and now have teachers use the "post grades" tab in IC to manually enter the in-progress grade that we import.

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We have done the same trick with manual posting as well, but that is not an

ideal solution for our teachers.

According to IC documentation, if you update to OneRoster 1.2, a lot of

these issues will be resolved. Unfortunately, Canvas is only compatible

with version 1.1. Canvas, please update to allow for a better process for

our teachers! This is a HUGE issue!

On Wed, Dec 4, 2019 at 9:19 AM <>

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Can you direct me to that documentation for IC?

Are they stating that OneRoster1.2 will allow for term grade passback?

When I reached our to IC, they stated that they only support term level grades for schoology.

(This is a bit ironic as schoology is now owned by powerschool)

At this point I am thinking the best course of action for us is to move toward cutting IC gradebook completely out of the loop.

We are working toward developing a script to post directly to the transcript at the end of the term.

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I just heard about the Schoology thing.  So frustrating.  I have also gotten word that Canvas will not support final grade passback at all, due to a claim of extensive research that resulted in the conclusion that no one would want that.  I think a lot of schools/districts would want exactly that.

This is the language from IC on OneRoster 1.2:  While this doesn't speak to doing term grade passback, it does not require categorizing assignments in IC.  When we asked Canvas about this, they said there is no plan to support OneRoster 1.2 until next school year.

Aligning assignments to Categories and Grading Tasks: 

  • If the partner is on a OneRoster version of 1.0 or 1.1, teachers must align assignments received from the partner. This can be done individually using the Uncategorized Assignments list or aligned automatically to a single category and task using the Non-Campus Assignment Defaults tool in Grade Book Settings. See the Uncategorized Assignments and Non-Campus Assignment Defaults article for more information.
  • If the partner is on a OneRoster version of 1.2, teachers no longer need to align assignments, as long as the partner has implemented the category and grading task syncing capabilities available in 1.2. To sync categories and grading tasks, first set them up in Campus so they can sync to the partner program and use them for grading in the partner program. Assuming the partner has implemented category and task syncing, assignments will be received into campus with the category and grading task auto-aligned.