Student entered in PowerSchool without email

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Hello community,

I have a quick scenario. Students are entered into PowerSchool almost instantly as they enroll in my school district. Student email may not be created until a few days later. Does anyone know if this could be the problem in my data push from PowerSchool? I am still getting students that are in PowerSchool that do not ever get Canvas accounts generated. Could the email address not being entered right away cause this to happen? They email addresses for these students have been added, but their account is still not created.  The problem is that email access  requires a parent permission form and these do not get turned in right away. 

Thanks in advance. This community rocks.

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I'm not a PowerSchool user, so my help is very limited. The is a PowerSchool FAQ at  (sorry, my original copy/paste failed).

What I suspect is that you have email as a primary identifier at one end or the other.

Sorry I could not be more help.


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