Enhancements and CSV Support for New Quizzes Item Analysis



In September, we introduced the new Quiz and Item Analysis report, focusing on improving its speed. I am delighted to announce that the 24-hour report generation time has now been reduced to an average of under a minute.

While the report has seen significant improvement, we acknowledge that some key features are still missing, such as Answer Frequency Summary tables for all question types and a downloadable format for further analysis.


Since the initial release, we have continued to make improvements, including:

  • Answer Frequency Summary tables for Categorization, Ordering and Matching question types are in beta and will be released to production later this month.
  • We introduced a new table to summarize the Answer Frequency Summary tables, by aggregating all the correct and incorrect answers. This is available for Categorization, Ordering, Matching, Hot spot and Formula question types in beta and will be released to production later this month.
  • We are releasing the same for Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer and True or False question types today.

CSV support

Today, on January 15th, 2024, we are launching CSV download support for the Quiz and Item Analysis in beta, with the production release scheduled for one month later.

In response to positive feedback received on adding JSON to the CSV report in my last blog post, we decided to add the Answer Frequency Summary table data to the CSV in JSON format and soon will be updating our guides to include instructions on downloading the CSV file and understanding the JSON format.

Next steps

Our commitment to improving the Quiz and Item Analysis continues. The team is currently focused on adding the Answer Frequency Summary table to Fill In The Blank question type, set for release later this quarter.

Discontinuing the old report

The old quiz and item analysis report generation will be discontinued on January 22nd. From that date, only the new process will be available for generating reports. However, previously generated reports for older quizzes will remain accessible until the summer of 2024, giving users ample time to transition and familiarize themselves with the new process and calculations.

For those unfamiliar with the changes, you can compare the old and new reports here or gain a better understanding of each metric and calculation method here.