From Requests to Reality: How Your Feedback has Shaped Our Canvas Products

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As a Product Team, one of the most fulfilling aspects of our role is seeing user feedback turn into tangible improvements that impact teaching and learning in meaningful ways. Your input is a key driver of our innovation, and today, we're thrilled to share a few success stories where your feature requests have been not only heard but also implemented, making our Canvas line of products even more valuable to the critical work that is done in classrooms across the globe.

Along with our planned roadmap releases, we have implemented a total of 48 ideas submitted by users through our Themes and Ideas process over the first half of 2023; 32 in Canvas LMS, 11 in Studio, 3 in Credentials, and 2 in Catalog. A few crowd pleasers include:

As our Product Team reviews the ideas, we are also looking for ideas that can be quickly added to our products and add real value for our users, with short turnaround time. A few ideas that were determined to be quick wins include:

And, great news! We’re not done yet. There are 10 additional ideas fulfilled with our upcoming Canvas LMS release, which is scheduled for beta on Monday and production on September 16. We also have several more ideas in development now given the themes that you selected during our last round of voting. You can watch our release notes to learn more as these items are made available. You can also stay informed by visiting our roadmap

As a Product Team, our goal is to bridge the gap between your needs and our technology, ensuring that outcomes are achieved as expected from teaching with our tools. The success stories we've shared today, along with the many other ideas completed, exemplify the incredible synergy that exists between you, the users, and our development teams. Your feature requests have helped to drive our progress, making Canvas products more user-centric, efficient, and powerful. We're committed to continuously evolving our Canvas products based on your feedback, so keep those thoughtful suggestions coming – together, we're shaping the future of learning. Thank you for the critical work you do and for being a vital part of our journey!