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As we have been getting closer and closer to the time for Classic Quizzes sunset, we have heard many clear, articulate, and thoughtful voices talking about just how difficult this transition would be in the current climate where, to borrow a common refrain, teaching faculty are “barely able to keep their heads above water.”

We are currently exploring adjustments to the Classic Quizzes sunset that we hope will give you and your institutions more control over the transition. To help us with this effort, would you be willing to share your top three considerations or requirements for a smoother transition?

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When NEED to have the practice quiz option in New Quiz, It is a big problem for us, when we have public courses we need the option for practice quiz. The users are not registered in this course, they are anonymous.

For example we have a stres course that is public- the users see information and then do a quiz(anonymus) based on the information, and they can do the quiz multiple times to get a higher score. We have one practice quiz for each side in the course. The teacher should not have the possibility to see the individual result for the ones who takes this pratice quiz. This way to work is used often in the public courses.

Best regards Ingela


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Thank you for listening to our concerns regarding New Quiz transition.

1. Full support for RCE is very important. When migrating the quizzes with questions or with answer options that use LaTex should preserve the same formatting and not covert to a static image. Any links to the LTI content such as Kaltura or Panopto recordings should also be preserved.

2. Since New Quizzes does not offer a survey option, provide a viable alternative. Any existing survey could continue to exist in the classic quiz tool. If the New Quizzes will support surveys, the migration process should support that.

3. Access to student submission reports is important. The instructors should be able to download all student responses. This is important to many teaching initiative programs that require pre and post assessment data.

4. Resolve any limits that prevent users from creating New Quizzes if they are enrolled in over 132 or so courses.

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Thank you for considering an adjustment to the current sunsetting timeline. Here are my top three wishes:

  1. Fully developed migration from CQ to NQ - this has to be simple & functional for teachers. If there is loss of content or functionality, they need to know through dialogue box, or reporting with details and next steps. 
  2. Extended transition timeline (6-12 months) - teachers do not have time (or mental capacity) to process this change mid-year. Due to adaptive teaching through a pandemic, and the increased demands this year has presented, teachers are operating at capacity, and we need more time to train them so they feel more confident.
  3. Access to Immersive Reader in NQ - expanding this tool recently was a nice next step, but where it needs to be most (assessments) it is not available. I recommend as this tool is being developed, add this to the list of additions. Students have had to rely on device or add on accessibility tools to have read aloud assessments in Canvas, and for such a dynamic platform with Immersive Reader already leveraged, this seems a no brainer.
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  1. Respondus Test Generator integration with New Quizzes
  2. Bulk migration tool from Classic to New
  3. Ability to attach a rubric to a specific question (this may already be a thing when using Outcomes but our institution doesn't use that feature yet)
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#1 Exportability! - Being able to deliver quizzes to other Canvas sites and have them be editable, or able to see edits applied to our original copy. With the related feature of course based item banks as a default, so that item bank management can be completed by multiple users without needing to share each individual bank. (A bulk share option would do.)

#2 Matching questions support for HTML/Images/Audio on at least one side of the match, but preferably both sides. (Since you are taking away multiple drop downs.)

#3 HTML editor for question stems and choices.

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I am sure many have talked out it. But PLEASE for the love of all there is, provide a streamlined process for importing Question Banks into Item Banks. Creating a quiz with every question in it and then migrating that to New Quizzes is NOT a solution. It's a bandaid. It saddens me to see so many educators waisting so much of their time that they already do not have enough of on a process that could be automated. 

Teachers are already leaving in droves, technology is meant to be helpful not impede. 

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Hi there! It would be extremely helpful to attach passcodes to each availability block, so if I have 5 sections taking the same quiz, I can set it to open at 5 different times, with each of those blocks having their own unique passcode. Thanks!

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Thank you for starting this blog and after reading everyone's comments, I do agree with all of the above concerns related to NQ. Currently, we use CQ and the news of this migration came as a shocking news for all of us. Our biggest concerns are listed below as we are new to NQ.

1. Bulk Migration from CQ to NQ including Question banks : Many of our instructors are using question banks in CQ and after reading details about NQ, there is no bulk migration/question banks migration available which will be a nightmare. Also, as everyone started, Item Bank sharing/editing must be addressed before switching to NQ. 

2. Fully function RCE: NQ features should be listed under RCE with accessibility checker. 
If NQ functionality are not listed under RCE, how can we do this migration in such a short time period? RCE functionality and feature parity with classic quizzes is a MUST.

3. Longer transition period: As everyone else stated, we need longer transition time which can allow institution a smooth transition from CQ to NQ and give us an enough time to train all faculty on this new feature.

Also, following are other major concerns which is a MUST in NQ.

QB ownership should be by course instead of by individual.
Ungraded questions should be listed in teacher’s to-do list
Partial credit should be fully developed.


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To transit from Classic Quizzes to the New Quizzes, we need to make sure the New Quizzes can support our current practices. We have identified the top two critical functions that would hinder us from transiting to New Quizzes:

1. Export of Quiz result (currently Student Analysis) - Classic Quizzes allow our instructors to export quiz result for archive/audit purpose. This is one of the frequently used functions by certain departments, especially for exporting the result of high-stake quizzes/exams. New Quizzes lack the export result function.

2. Blueprint Course Synchronization – certain departments use the blueprint course function to create a master course for over a hundred sub course sites. Currently, changes to New Quizzes in the blueprint master course do not synchronize to the sub-course sites. If the synchronization does not work, the concept of master course would fail.

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I agree with others that it might be an interesting conversation to ask NQ users what they would need to transition to CQ. For us, the only thing that "would be nice" is having the fuller diversity of question types that NQ offers. Generally, however, CQ meets all of our needs. 

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1. Provide a downloadable results report (.csv or Excel) that includes discrimination index for distractors for all items.

2. Provide a downloadable results report (.csv or Excel) that includes discrimination index for distractors for all items.

3. Provide a downloadable results report (.csv or Excel) that includes discrimination index for distractors for all items.

Thanks. LR

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  • Must have ability to select when answers are available to students, right now the tool only seems to make them available or not, without any logic for when. This is so important as to make it so that I can't currently use new quizzes.
  • Needs ability to restrict answers until specific date and/or Last attempt (classic partially supported this; ex. should be an option to show answers after due date even if student didn't complete any or all attempts)
  • Needs ability to import questions from other formats that QTI 1.2 or 2.1
    • only publisher I have found that supports that format at all is Cengage and even them only through cognero
  • Needs better sorting, grouping, choosing tools from the item bank
    • More granular control of random blocks from item bank
    • should be able to randomly choose multiple choice questions for example
    • or tell it to pick 2 true/false and 8 MC from the item bank
    • ability to tell it to not duplicate questions from item bank, if possible, for multiple attempts (wish list item)
  • Item Bank view needs to be condensed and structured better (currently hard to know what question type you have, and make heads or tails out of large item banks)
  • need better import from old question bank to new item bank
  • would be useful to edit question similarly to classic tool, just select the tab (not have to enter the build tool) or have the build tool be the only tool. Having edit and build leads to clunky interface
  • When importing into the item bank, stop having the import rename the item bank
    • there is no good reason why you should need to create an item bank with a name, then on import it changes the name, then you have to rename again to get it how you want
  • Quit removing my course Navigation when I am in the build tool (shouldn't have to hit the return button to get back to my course)
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I would like to know what is going on with the multiple requests to change matching, categorization, and sorting questions to partial credit options.  I have seen archived posts starting in 2018, but cannot find any updated information from Canvas. Currently, we have to go back through and manually grade every question that is set up like this, and it defeats the point of using an auto grader.  It would be nice to have an update someplace on whether or not this feature is being worked on - the only comment from Canvas that I have found on other posts tells the poster to search for related posts since it has already been suggested, or go to this post, however there doesn't seem to be any actual information provided. 

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The simplest way to bulk convert classic to new quizzes as possible

Download CSV of quiz results

New RCE in New Quizzes (audio and voice recording) 

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1. Must have ease of grading. Must appear on To Do list and have easy access to Speed Grader.

2. Ability to give partial credit for Question/answer pairs type of questions.

3. Ease of moderating quizzes. It needs to auto-refresh in real time so we can see when students are finished. There needs to be a navigation bar at the top of each quiz we are grading (even better if it would show which questions have been auto-graded as correct [green] and incorrect [red]). Check mark next to names of students whose quizzes I have graded.

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Thank you very much for the space, these are my three questions:

1. Will it be possible to download the reports via csv file?
2. Our universities require the functionality to create surveys, is a solution going to be implemented for this?
3. The migration of complete question banks is being done manually at this time, which implies a very high operational work. Has a tool been thought of to be able to do this work on a massive scale?

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I have asked the same thing about partial credit with penalty algorithm being overly punitive and was given the hard "not gonna happen" by Canvas last week. They acted like we were the only institution with this issue yet I see MANY comments with the issue.

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Hello Canvas Community, 

I was told yesterday by a reputable source that New Quizzes is going to be delayed and that this should be announced this Friday (12/17). While this might come off as impatient I am just dying to see the details of the delay. Can anyone provide us a sneak peak of what we can expect? As it will drastically impact my workday's leading up to the Winter Break. 


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As promised, I'm back with an update. I hope to catch you before you are off on break, so that you can enjoy your time more fully. 

We are allowing an extension to the timeline for Classic Quiz usage through the end of June 2024. However that isn't the only adjustment we've made. You can read the full details here

Thank you for your candid openness. I hope you will see that we are taking this feedback into account as we've made changes to the transition timeline and supporting documents. 

Also, many made note of migration and partial points on matching questions being a big barrier. Both of these are coming to Beta on December 22nd. You can read about migration here (which includes bulk migration and question banks) and partial points for matching here

Context is always critical to us as well, so as the context has changed once these timeline adjustments have been made, we are closing this thread for comment. I do still want to hear from you and how what we're doing impacts your job. Please add any new comments to the new discussion