New Quizzes on the To Do List

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New Quizzes on the To Do List 


We recognize that there has been much to be desired when New Quizzes aren't completely auto graded. This causes teachers to feel frustrated when they need to remember to constantly check to see if students have submitted a quiz for grading. We also understand that teachers are worried they will forget to grade a quiz in a timely manner and in turn inadvertently frustrate students. 

There is already too much mental administrative burden in teaching and we plan to remove this additional pressure soon. Now available, New Quizzes requiring manual grading by teachers will appear on the To Do list. These changes will also bring the user experience of grading New Quizzes in line with that of Classic Quizzes. 


Scenario: A teacher includes a quiz with auto graded questions (such as multiple choice, drop down or true false..etc.) as well as a section which requires a teacher to manually review and supply a score (essay or short answer.)

The Problem: Historically, these would appear the same as the auto graded quizzes, even though the teacher still needed to score some questions. It was problematic because teachers didn’t see that they needed to do more grading and students would be made aware of a grade even though it wasn’t complete. Sometimes those grades would seem upsetting and teachers would soon hear from students or sometimes parents. 


Upcoming Feature Description

To Do List and Recent Feedback for Manually Graded New Quizzes

We’ve made a change so that as soon as a student submits a quiz which requires a teacher to do any manual grading (essay or short answer) it will appear in the teacher’s To Do list. This change will also prevent students seeing quizzes as “graded” prematurely. New Quizzes will not appear in the student’s recent feedback list until after the teacher completes the manual grading. 

As soon as a teacher clicks to “Updates Scores” in Speedgrader, then Canvas will see the quiz as completely graded and move from the teacher’s To do list and will be displayed in the student’s recent feedback. 

The content in this blog is over six months old, and the comments are closed. For the most recent product updates and discussions, you're encouraged to explore newer posts from Instructure's Product Managers.

Community Champion

Wonderful! So glad to see this happen!

Community Coach
Community Coach

Is there a data for when this will go live?

Community Champion

@SuSorensen  Will this also fix the issue with manually graded quizzes where the gradebook doesn't update? I have ticket (08770053) about this issue. This is pretty serious bug. I really hope it gets fixed quickly. 

Community Champion

@snugent It is live here at our school, actually started on the 11th or 12th.

Community Participant

What about the questions that should be auto-graded for partial credit (categorization and ordering)? They are just as frustrating, if not more so, since they are such a waste of my time. The system already marks which portions of the questions are answered correctly/incorrectly; it should be able to adjust the scores for partial credit. I waste at least an extra week's work every semester manually adjusting for these issues; time I could be spending working on course improvement, scoring other assignments, or with my family. If you don't believe that it takes that much time, send someone to my courses in the fall. I will give them the task of updating all the partial credits for the semester and they can log how many hours it takes so you understand. Please fix this! This is beyond ridiculous that we have to beg for something for nearly 4 years that should be already a part of something you claim is superior to the previous product. 

Community Explorer

I'm excited to see this functionality added to New Quizzes. You mention that student won't see these as being graded early. Will this update change how the quiz grades appear in Grades? Will it still enter a grade for the "ungraded" quizzes, or will it present the paper/needs grading icon, similar to an ungraded assignment? 

Community Champion

@jchapes when I tested, the grade showed up as a dash in student view and then updated after I completed grading.


@SuSorensen this is wonderful news and both the listing in the to do list and the withholding of a grade in student view has been one of the biggest pain points for us around New Quiz. However, why wasn't this included in the release or deploy notes? As an admin, that is where I look for for the complete list of product changes and I would have missed this blog post had it not been linked to in a comment in another post that came through my notification feed.