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Dealing with recognition for prior learning (RPL) in VET e.g. templates, tools, etc

Hi all, doing an investigation re: RPL for VE and looking to cover off anything I've missed.

Wanting it to be Canvas focused (with MS Teams/Sharepoint as a back-up) but also investigating other supportive tools. Looking at student & teacher exprience and 3rd party/external sign-off as two main focus' e.g to solve the bane of any students existence when uploading large file sizes into Canvas (it often just times out). MS Teams/Sharepoint can help, as can chunking submission points in Canvas, but also wanting to know of any experience with the following tools specific to RPL in VE:

- Folio/Protfolium (still haven't got our hands on it in our instance)

- PebblePad (which has an excellent 3rd party/external sign-off function I don't believe is possible within current Canvas 

- other tools or tempaltes I've missed (I've searched Commons to no avail)

Cheers and thanks in advance

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We are looking at The Learning Journal, have not tested yet.

Ready Skills is also a great tool for third party sign off for larger scale organisations.