Right now setting Permissions for different course and account roles is very difficult because many of the permissions are tied together so you can't have one permission without also having the other checked. Yet, there is no list of what each permission actually impacts and which permissions are related to each other.


When we are developing a new role we almost always go through the lengthy process of:


  • adding a permission to a role
  • logging in as someone with that role and checking to see if that person can do what they need to do but not things they shouldn't do
  • if the setting isn't correct, then going back to permissions and try checking or unchecking something different to see if we get the desired result
  • wash and repeat


If permissions were more granulated and separated out it would be much easier to (1) understand what the permission actually controls and (2) provide the right level access to specific users.


Comments from Instructure

The New User Interface is included in the Canvas Production Release Notes (2018-07-14) .  Go check it out!

  Comments from Instructure

The LTI - add / edit / delete permission has been grouped into three separate permissions, as detailed in the  Canvas Release Notes (2022-01-15).



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