When a student is assigned a peer review with a rubric attached, there is nothing to enforce that a student enters valid values. Students can

  1. Submit a value larger than the maximum for a criteria
  2. Submit a negative value for a criteria
  3. If using fixed criteria scores, not ranges, the student can submit a value between categories
  4. If you are expecting whole numbers to be entered, there is nothing to enforce this

Here is an example of a rubric filled out by a student that canvas accepts because no checking is done on the values the student enters. 

A Rubric where the values entered on a Peer Review are invalid but still accepted by Canvas.

  • The first entry is both a decimal value and outside of any of the 3 scoring criteria, violating points 3 and 4
  • The second entry is negative, which violates point 2
  • The last value is above the maximum, which violates point 1

So giving the students a rubric to fill out in a Peer Review seems pointless because there is nothing in Canvas that forces the student to follow the rubric they are given.

What I want is something that enforces that the students enter valid values when filling out the rubric. 

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