Adobe Spark/Creative Cloud Express

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Has anyone encountered issues with the Adobe Creative Cloud Express (formerly Adobe Spark) integration? I had a report from a school this morning for a student who is getting stuck in a login loop when they try to open the Adobe assignment in Canvas. We're able to login directly to adobe with their district credentials but can not get them into Canvas. Other students show an Adobe token in their account settings and this student is missing that token. The console shows a bunch of cookie expiry errors with "token" at the end of the line. We're going back and forth with Adobe support, but so far no resolution.

A second issue came in this afternoon. This student can open the assignment. They had 2 Creative Cloud assignments and successfully submitted one but cannot submit the other. They do not receive any error (or confirmation), it just doesn't go through.

Issues are happening across browsers and devices. Has anyone encountered this, and more importantly, has anyone figured out a resolution?

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