We need to be able to grant individual extensions.

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Hi there! Love the availability of Course Pacing and the new directions that are afforded.

As some background, Wharton Online facilitates self-paced, open-enrollment and custom B2B courses and programs on a global scale. Our intent is to run these courses all year long for professional development and upskilling. True course pacing is something we have long, LONG sought; and our biggest issue with Pace Plans (the reason we didn't buy) was that it required an instructor to manually set the dates for individual learners. With Course Pacing, a pre-programmed plan automatically starts the day each learner joins the class, and voila! That's what we needed all along. However ...

In its current iteration, we cannot implement Course Pacing in production because of the opposite problem. We need to be able to grant extensions to individuals who qualify for them. Learners and companies who pay for our courses will be very concerned if they feel they won't or can't qualify for a certificate because they don't meet our stated deadlines. As it is now, we give them plenty of time so they are not late, but intermediate Course Pacing would introduce a little bit of motivational structure. In the end, we're all about mastery learning: we want to give folks a chance to feel like they can succeed despite the inevitable challenges of life. This one little change would help us get there.

Can the ability to grant extensions be added to your roadmap, if it's not there already?

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