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Can I find which folder a course file is in

Hi - I think I know the answer to this, but I'm hoping I'm wrong.

Is there a way, within a course, in the "Files" area, to determine what folder a specific file is in. I know that I can go to files and search and it will find the file, but it doesn't tell where in the file structure it resides. I need to need to know what folder it's in so I can replace it.

We have multiple levels of nesting in our file structure, so clicking through every folder is very time consuming. We have a large project that will require replacing many files in all of our courses, and this will be extremely time consuming if we need to drill down into all of our sub-folders for the hundreds/thousands of files that we'll need to find.

Thanks for any ideas!

Kathleen Barringer

Excelsior College

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