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There has been a change in how "unread" applies to a message.

When an inbox message is clicked on, the button should change from blue to white, meaning it should be marked as "read". Then I can change or mark it "unread" if needed. 

Now, this does not happen. When I click on a message, it is not marked "read", however if I refresh the page, the message is marked "read".  

This is a problem because there are some messages that I need to immediately mark as "unread" but can no longer do this until after the page is refreshed and then I have to hunt for the message. 

The last upgrade created this problem. Spring 2022 semester the Inbox worked properly, now there is a problem with marking a "read" and "unread" with messages I have not responded to.

Please review and correct this issue. 


4/13/2023 This problem has not been resolved. 


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