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Deprecated use of magic jQueryUI widget

Question asked by Jillian Nickerson (she / her) on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by Erin Hallmark

Hello All,


I just got this message in my web inspector:


'You're relying on undocumented functionality where Canvas makes jQueryUI widgets out of rich content that has the following class names: .dialogue, .draggable, .resizable, .sortable, .accordion, .tabs.


Canvas is moving away from jQueryUI for our own widgets and this behavior will go away. Rather than relying on the internals of Canvas's JavaScript, you should use your own custom JS file to do any such customizations.'


I am really just wondering if anybody knows what is going on because our style guide has not yet been updated to reflect this change. We are using accordions in many places and if Canvas deprecates this functionality is going to break a lot of our materials. Thus I want to get out in front of this as quickly as possible. It sounds like Canvas is going to be using their own widgets. Will we still have access to those? If so when can we expect the style guide to be updated?


Any insight into this matter would be appreciated.


Thank you






A solution was found. Canvas suggests that institutions stop using Jquery UI and instead include their own custom code for such things.