Annaleah Morrow

Best way to have only one grade for multiple discussions?

Discussion created by Annaleah Morrow on Feb 6, 2017

I have struggled with this for years, and hope someone has found a solution.  In a previous LMS, I could 'link' two or three discussion questions together for each week - so that I could see all of a student's responses for all linked discussions in one place, but I only gave one discussion grade for the week.


I have tried having different threads for other discussions, but students hate it and it is an organizational nightmare.  Students start replying under the wrong response, and they cannot easily tell in which discussion they have actively engaged versus which ones they missed.


For example, in week 1 - I might want question 1, 2, and 3.  I only want to enter ONE grade - Week 1 discussions.


I have resorted to have separate discussions for each topic, which is organized for students but incredibly labor-intensive for me.  Has anyone found a way other than threads to solve this issue?


Annaleah Morrow