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How do Students know about self-signups?

Question asked by Jeff Herring on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2017 by Jeff Herring

Our university is switching over to Canvas starting this fall semester (2017). All of the faculty and students are going to be experiencing this for the first time this fall. I'm sure we're all in for a bit of a learning curve. 

I teach blended(hybrid) class and I have an exercise where I need the students to form four groups of five students. I've gone into Canvas and set up the assignment with each group to have its own day to come into class for the exercise. I've configured it for four groups with a maximum of five students and for self signup. The groups have separate deadline days and the available "from - to" days are the same. 


My question is this:How do the students know that there are signups and where to go to sign up? Will a button or a link appear on the assignment for them to click? Will something show up near the deadline? Do I need to manually add a link to the people page within the description of the assignment ?


My "Student view" doesn't seem to work with group assignments to help me figure this out. (Something about the student view isn't a real account and thus it can't interact with groups, according to IT/helpdesk). 


Thanks for your time.