Up for a challenge? Grade Distribution Spreadsheet

Discussion created by on Jul 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by James Jones

A feature request was just posted about Course Analytics and adding Grade Distribution. While the data is right there, in Canvas, there is not a way for the teacher to simply and quickly see things like "this number of students" or "this percentage of students" received an A, B, C, etc.


So I was thinking back to InstructureCon 2015 and a presentation from Josh Blumberg where he showcased and shared his Course Analysis Tool. This made me wonder how difficult it would be to create a similar spreadsheet that teachers could easily copy and run to find different variations of grade distribution, and possibly other course analytics that are not offered natively in Canvas.


As a worse case scenario, it would be great to have a simple spreadsheet where a teacher could copy/paste the percentages for all of their students, from the UI and paste into a spreadsheet, and then have the grade distributions auto calculated and conveniently displayed in one of the sheets.


Any takers?



FYI Nicole S (UCF-CDL) and Kelley L. Meeusen