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Mastery Paths don't process

Question asked by Rebecca Lindsay on Mar 19, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by Sara Davick


I am struggling with Mastery Paths.  I have set up a simple mastery path with three different paths. 

When I test the paths using the test student, I get a message that says "Locked until the assignment is graded"   even though the assignment is graded.


I have two demo students in the course as well.  I have submitted an assignment for both demo students and graded them.  For both demo students, I get a message that says "Locked until mastery path is processed for the assignment."

I have refreshed the page multiple times to no avail. 

I have deleted and recreated courses to test the mastery path tool, but continue to get the same results.  I have searched the forum, and it appears that others have had this problem and have submitted a ticket.  However, I haven't seen an explanation for a solution. Does anyone know of a solution?  Or can someone explain what I am doing wrong?