Canvas tool guide for teachers

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It possible that a number of you will have seen this informational poster originally developed for Moodle (by Joyce Seitzinger, @catspyjamasnz / www.cats-pyjamas.net) and subsequently reworked for other platforms like D2L and Blackboard. We are starting the migration process (kicking off now and going through 2016) for all courses at the University of Auckland and felt something similar for Canvas would be ideal for the learning design conversations that we will be having with teaching staff. We (Damon Ellis, Nicoletta Rata-SkudderJacqui Thornley Chris Swanwick Sue Tickner) couldn't find anything similar for Canvas, and since the original has a Creative Commons license, we thought we would make our own. We've dropped the last column linking tools to Bloom's taxonomy due to space issues on the resulting poster, that SOLO taxonomy might be the better fit, and our dislike of how a 'traffic light' design potentially prejudices users thinking about the different tools. Attached is our first first version of a Canvas tool guide for teachers. We would be very happy for your thoughts, ideas, and challenges on how we might make this better.