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The purpose of this guide is to define the setup and user workflow for parent access through the Parent App.



  • Canvas accounts created in the Parent App are separate from the accounts created in other parent access workflows (registration or provisioning). Therefore parents must access their Parent App accounts through the Parent App via a supported device.  
  • Parents must know their student's credentials in order to register through the Parent App.  



  1.  Upon logging into Canvas, click the Admin link [1], then click the name of the account [2].
    Open Account
  2. In Account Navigation, click the Settings link.
    Open Settings
  3. In the Account Settings tabs, click the Feature Options tab.
    Open Feature Options
  4. Scroll to the Canvas Parent feature option and enable it.
    Enable Canvas Parent
  5. Contact your Customer Success Manager to ensure your institution is listed in the mobile apps and you're all set to go!

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  1. When parents open the Parent App, they will be see this page and should click the Create Account link to register.
    Tap Create Account
  2. Parents will then need to fill out the information required in the text boxes.  
    Parent Registration
    Please note that parents should keep track of the email and password they provide as these will server as their credentials.
  3. Once the information has been submitted, parents must select your Canvas instance.  They should be able to begin searching by typing your institution's name and the search feature will auto-populate.  If your Canvas instance does not pop up in the search feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager.
    Search Institution Name
  4. Your institution's Canvas instance will appear after the parent has selected your institution.  As mentioned before in our FAQs section, parents must know their student's credentials in order to link to them.  Whichever authentication provider is set to the primary authentication provider in your Canvas settings will display (e.g. if you are using SAML as your primary authentication provider, parents will see your SAML login page) and parents must be able to enter their student's credentials for said authentication provider.   
  5. After verifying the student credentials, parents will be registered and linked to their student.  To log in later, parents should use the credentials they created in step 2.

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Please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) if you have any questions.

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