How do I view courses for a student in the Canvas Parent app on my iOS device?

The Courses page displays the current courses for the student(s) you are observing.

View Courses

View Courses

By default, the Dashboard displays the courses list for the student you are viewing.

Open Course

Open Course

To view course information, tap the name of a course.

View Course

View Events and Assignments

The course page displays the student's course grade [1], as well as a list of all assignments in the course [2].

Note: If enabled by your student's instructor, you may only have the ability to view qualitative data, such as letter grades and grading comments.

View Assignments List

View Individual Event or Assignment

Each assignment displays an assignment-type icon [1]. You can also view the assignment name [2], due date [3], submission status [4], and your student's assignment score [5].

To view the details of an individual assignment, tap the assignment name [6].