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Idea created by seth Employee on Mar 31, 2015
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    As an instructor, I want a print button on the People tab that will generate a PDF or other printable document containing student names and photos in grid format. It'd be nice if the list could be sorted by groups, too.

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    Originally posted by: Steve Hallman
    Thank you especially for contributions by: Glen Parker, Miles Mancini, Richard Meyer

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    July 2015 Update from Peyton Craighill Admin


    Unfortunately, this is a week of work that's unlikely to get done within the next six months. We trimmed the estimate in workshop by suggesting that printable rosters would only be available for courses with 100 or fewer students (i.e., removing complexity around pagination), but it's still a sizable effort. Hopefully the workaround (Gradebook export) will suffice for the time being.

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    June 2015 update from Peyton Craighill Admin


    Thanks for the feedback, everybody!

    Sam Harris mentioned the option of exporting Gradebook to use as a roster. Is this a viable option?

    It's worth noting that the Gradebook export does not include student photos, and we may face technical constraints in including photos in formats other than PDF (like CSV).