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Idea created by Shaun Holland Champion on Apr 2, 2015
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    You have a class of 30 and there are three Tom's, how can we differentiate who we are talking to?


      Response from Instructure

    August 2015 Update from Peyton Craighill Admin


    Workshopped this last week. Update:

    It makes sense to implement this once our messageable user framework is cleaned up in Conversations, as this will use the same search to find users to tag in a discussion, and the messageable user framework isn't nearly as efficient as it should be right now (see: long wait when searching for users to send a message in Conversations).

    We are planning on addressing messageable users in 2016, and this can be made a part of that effort, so I will archive this idea now.

    If there are any other thoughts on this topic, feel free to keep posting here!