Syllabus Edit/View Access in Teacher App

Idea created by Ashley Nilsen on Aug 28, 2018
    Open for Voting

    The Teacher App does not allow you to access the syllabus for your courses. Since many of us have moved to tablets or our mobile devices for planning, it would be nice to have access to edit/view our course syllabus in the mobile application.


    I called mobile support today to confirm that this was not a feature already offered that I just couldn't find. The gentleman I spoke with was incredibly helpful and let me know that this feature was not available in the Teacher version of the app. He offered me a work-around (pasting my syllabus into the home page section), but that causes there to be two copies of the syllabus that aren't linked - so any changes made to one would have to be made to the other manually. It's a quick fix for now, but not an ideal as a long-term solution. 


    Hope this idea is helpful!