Scheduler recurring events

Idea created by Elizabeth Wakeman on Apr 17, 2015
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    I should be able to use the scheduler to set up appointment slots for office hours for one week and then have an option for Canvas to automatically create the same schedule on subsequent weeks.




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    January 2016 update from Allison Weiss

    We absolutely love that the scheduler has become such an important tool for instructors. We have plans to take a closer look at both Calendar and Scheduler from a technical point of view in coming months. As we do that, we'll want to keep these user-facing enhancements in mind. We may even come out of our investigation with some concrete suggestions for improving both areas of Canvas, which we will happily post to this thread or a designated user group. For now, I will archive this idea, but please keep your notifications ON. I anticipate in a few months being ready for some user feedback around some of our proposed changes. Thanks, everyone, for your insight and ideas!