New Quizzes: Allow item banks to be tied to a course rather than an instructor

Idea created by Dan Grilley on Jul 17, 2019
    Open for Voting

    I teach 7 different courses on a rotating basis, each with different content and different ideas.  Right now, the questions that I use are tied to each course in the Quizzes question bank.  Additionally, I collaborate on many of the courses such that I am not the only one editing quiz questions.  Thus, having the item banks for these courses tied specifically to me does not make sense.  While other ideas are promoting the idea of granting editing permissions (Allow admins to grant multiple users permissions for item banks in New Quizzes), this idea is specifically to promote giving the option to tie item banks to specific courses.  One of the other main benefits that I see is to provide additional organization to the hundreds of potential item banks that I will have if item banks are not tied to specific courses.