Ability to manage observer links on accounts created through SIS or through the UI

Idea created by Brian Westnedge on Jun 10, 2015
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    Currently Canvas allows Parents to create accounts that can be linked to students as observers. The link persists throughout Canvas when the student account is altered (added as a new enrollment, or if they drop a class).


    I would like the ability to manage this kind of link at the user account level, rather than at a course level, for all types of accounts, regardless of where/how the account was created (either through SIS, or through the UI, or through the "Parent of a Canvas User" link). I would also like the ability to Un-Link observers for our Admins, so that we could un-link a parents account should there be a reason to. For example, in our situation, we have a High School as well as a college. We would like to have observers linked to our High School students, but remove the link for students moving into our College. I could also see this being helpful if the status of a parent changes through the student's time at our school - such as a change in custody - which might make it necessary to restrict an observers access to information where they previously had access.


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