Ability to select multiple questions at once in quizzes and question banks

Idea created by Susan Nugent Expert on Jun 25, 2015
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    Why this is important

    Many of our instructors import quizzes from other sources. When the quizzes are imported the questions in the quizzes are NOT in groups. Yes instructors can add groups and organize the questions into the groups for randomization; however, if you have a quiz with over a hundred questions, this process will become tedious very quickly since you can only move one question at a time. Times that by 12 or more quizzes and it becomes extremely time-consuming. I like question groups but the workflow is poor. There needs to be a way where you can select multiple questions at once so you can do the following tasks:

    • Move questions to a question group in a quiz
    • Change the point value of all selected questions in quiz or question group
    • Delete all selected questions from a quiz or question bank
    • Move all selected questions to question bank or question group.


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    November 2015 update from Jason Sparks

    Hello family!


    We are in the process of examining the quizzing engine for some updates.  Item handling and management is a big part of this process. As this project would be rather extensive, we won't be delivering anything in the next six months. I want to share our planned updates include this idea and much more!


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    Community members can follow the larger project at Modern Quizzing Engine



    Quick way to randomize questions in quiz - Question Randomizer in Canvas

    If quiz questions are randomized by linking to a question bank, the regrade option should be available.  See Allow Quiz Regrade for Questions Linked to Banks

    If questions are in a quiz and there is a problem with a question and the instructor updates the question, an option should appear that gives the instructor the option to update the same question in the question bank. See Create 2 way link between quiz questions and the question bank.