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Idea created by Champion on Jul 16, 2015
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    On the "HTML Editor" side of content pages, I would like to be able to click on a button to format (indent) the HTML code so it displays properly rather than having everything left-aligned.  For example, in a Canvas page, HTML code looks like this:


    However...using a program like Adobe Dreamweaver or a website like Format HTML for Free, the code is easier to in this example:


    As an added bonus, it would be awesome if the code could also be color-coded (as in this example).  This helps me easier figure out where I might have to add code to a page if the need arises.




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    July 2016 update from Mccall Smith


    Thank you for all your thoughts around this. We are planning on doing some polishing to the rich content editor which include word count, auto-save, and reworking the UI. Based on our analysis these features had a wider impact on our user base. Since this feature will not be developed over the next 6 months it will be archived. Keep in mind that all feature ideas that are archived are tracked and stored on our end so we can surface them for possible future development.