Indicate Where Files Are Linked Within a Course

Idea created by Rob Ditto Expert on Aug 3, 2015
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    The awesome Files feature would be even better if it could indicate that a file is linked elsewhere within your course -- on a Page, from other rich content, or as a Module item -- in an unobtrusive way.  If a file's linked-elsewhere status were indicated in Files, the benefits might include fewer broken links, fewer Page Errors reported, and easier content revision.  Ideally the indicator could also help an instructor or designer locate content elsewhere in the course which uses this file.


    (Inspired by Andrea Adimando's observations about how we naturally delete and re-upload files we want to revise.)


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    January 2016 update from Cosme Salazar

    I love this idea. I think it is unlikely we would be able to implement this feature given the other priorities we are working on right now. I'm exploring the possibility of an option that would have to be run manually rather than a background process that would have to scan all files in a course to see where it might be linked all the time.