Allow students to View Feedback from the Grades page

Idea created by Jennifer Hurley on Oct 29, 2015
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    I write lots of comments in the text of my students' essays using Speedgrader, but my students can't access these in-text comments from the Grades page. All they can see are the end comments. To see their in-text comments, they have to go to the assignment, then click on Submission Details, then click on View Feedback. It's no wonder many of my students are never reading my carefully crafted comments. Why can't there be a way for students to click View Feedback directly from the Grades page?


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    From Christi Wruck

    Hey all,

    We are working on redesigning the student's grades page, along with the submission page... we agree that we need to find ways to make it as easy as possible for students to find the feedback that you've taken the time to give them. We have a few ideas, but are still working through what the best solutions might be. Once we've come up with the best solution, I will loop back to this idea and let you know where we landed.