adaptive learning - quiz branching

Idea created by Christopher Barrett on Dec 13, 2015
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    It would be excellent if the quiz tool enabled branching for adaptive learning. If quizzes were embedded into content then potentially students could be directed to a particular piece of content based on their response to a question.




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    March 2016 update from Jason Sparks


    Thank you for this great feature suggestion.  This is a great and very sophisticated process often used by high stakes examination processes such as the NAPLEX, NCLEX, and USMLE. While we will not likely develop a logic based assessment engine, we will likely implement foundational support for Item Response Theory, which is often employed by the GRE and similar exams.  While not specifically branching logic, this is where we will being the process and look to expand over time. For example:: Question 3 is set to difficulty 0. If the test candidate selected the correct answer, the next question randomly selected from the bank will increase in difficulty to +1, conversely, if the test candidate selected the incorrect answer, the next question randomly selected from the bank will decrease in difficulty to -1.


    Response-based branching "if; then" logic for a test item is not a part of our inital roadmap for the Canvas Studio: Modern Quizzing Engine, but  may be something we consider in long-term development.


    In the mean time, please continue to share how you would employ response-based logic or item response theory in your courses.